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Keeping up three blogs is like running on a hamster wheel, exhausting. To prevent death by creating too much work for myself I am combining my blogs so that you get three in one. I call that a bargain!hamster-wheel-1014047_640

In order to keep my lovely readers and friends following my blog please dash over to God1meover where you will find me writing about hope, faith, encouragement, something funny and hopefully some book reviews and interviews with a fellow author or two. Hopefully, that will provide food for thought for everyone.


How to continue following me

I must run over before the rush starts!


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Facebook Author Page:




Facebook Author Page

Facebook Author Page

It is a pleasure to announce the publication of my ebook in America.


I had a fantastic Cover Real Party hosted by Celebrate Lit. So many people turned up to the online party and contributed with comments and suggestions, all nice ones thankfully.

Since then I have produced a facebook author page for readers to connect with and join in the journey of this author’s book. Please pop on over and ‘like’. From time to time there will be free giveaways and possibly a competition or two.

Look forward to seeing you on my fb page.

Margaret x


An interview with Stress

In today’s hustle bustle world, Stress is an almost constant companion bringing friends like worry and fear to kill all hope of any peace, steal joy, and destroy the abundant life God intended for His children. Hear today what Stress has to say.stress-954814_640 Continue reading

Book cover reveal

Cover reveal for How to Make Victoria Sponge – USA edition

Celebrate Lit is a wonderful outlet for helping Christian Authors, readers and bloggers. In a nutshell they simply celebrate Christian books.
I have teamed up with Celebrate Lit to bring my book How to Make Victoria Sponge to the USA market.
I hope you will pop over and share in the fun.
God bless,

Give me eyes that can see

eyes open and closed


“Oh Lord, give me eyes that can see and ears that can hear. Give me a love that is patient and kind.”

So prays Victoria Sponge in the book, How to make Victoria Sponge. She is responding to her son’s inability to find his school uniform and P.E. kit from under his duvet.  Continue reading